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Reform Media Statement Dec 20, 2012:

Posted on 20 December 2012


Following the announcement of the formation of a House of Bishops Working Group on 19th December, Reform chairman Rod Thomas has written to the Archbishops of Canterbury and York. The letter reaffirms Reform's commitment to the process of seeking a new way forward on women bishops legislation, but says that the membership of the working group leaves it feeling ‘apprehensive'. 

Prebendary Rod Thomas said he was ‘nonplussed as to why the membership of the working group does not contain anybody who shares our convictions about male headship - despite the fact that this was a key concern underlying the vote on 20th November.  

We very much wish to contribute to fresh proposals that will command broader agreement in the General Synod than was achieved last month. Achieving such an outcome depends on hearing clearly the needs of those who were both for and against the draft Measure. Our fear is that the constitution of the working group might make this more difficult. Nevertheless we will seek to contribute positively during the discussions that are planned for next February.'



Reform is an Anglican evangelical network which works for the promotion of the gospel. It believes the Church will be more effective in proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ the more it follows the teaching of the Bible.

There are currently 1700 members of Reform, both lay and ordained.

To see the Church of England announcement of the working party, click here.



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